Jeffrey Kent

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I choose to inspire self-belief with positive change, positive critique, while also positively challenging social justice through “Colored Artistic Action.”

Within my recent artwork; I use interdisciplinary art practices, to convey a recognizable urban perspective. I conceptually project the racial, political and economic disparities that occur to non-whites in society.

My artistic process is an intermix of bricolage, paint, oil crayon, collage, as well as integrating reclaimed objects such as “enslaved-African picked cotton,” with elements of drawing; including live and video performances. My use of reverse text in some of the artworks relates to my dyslexia which signifies the difficulty of reading even a simple word.

My artwork examines layers of tribal identification and uses society’s perplexities and oxymoronic terms including “civil rights” and “justice for all.” I provide viewers with an opportunity to feel what it may be like to experience injustices with the everyday struggle of being non-white.