Anderson Pigatt (1928-2009)

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Red Stick for Columbus
Red Stick for Columbus
I don’t want to sound as though I’m a know-it-all because I’m still learning and life to me growing from birth to death, and living is my teacher from day to day to this very day. The people I met yesterday were helpers along life’s highway: some made me happy, others made me sad. The good I try to show; the bad I keep in the back of my head so as not to get hurt again, at least not that way again.

Most of us have lost the real reason why we came into this world, and believe me there is a reason, only known to you – not your mother, father, sister, brother or anyone on this earth – only you before your entry. But if we do as we were intended to do – that is to move around this world – we will find our path again, making us happy for finding the truth. Don’t wait for the truth to come to you; most likely it is a lie.

The path, when found, we must walk until death. If a man takes a wife, and he is of path, truth, love and good health, old age will come to them a happy death. For sickness is a lack of work, and work should be doing the things that make life better for you, your family and friends. If there are kids, they must grow free with only the teaching of truth, so they can keep moving toward their path. And in a lot of cases the son’s path will be the same as the father’s, for the father’s truth will shine bright in the eyes of the son.

Age to me means wisdom: how to move, where to move, what to do, what not to do, and to keep moving toward your end. The end could very well mean another beginning in another life. I often think of my father on his deathbed and the last thing he said that was understood. He said, “What has a man gained if he’s gained the world and lost his soul?” I guess this is why I’m a woodworker, for you see, wood to me is always alive.

These dead trees that I write stories on may last 1,000 years for the world to see. And even though they might become outdated, they are a part of our time. I feel as though some day others may laugh at them to know that man was so dumb. Yet we all work toward that day when killing and hating another man’s color will be a thing of the past, when work will be a thing of enjoyment for all man; the time when there will be no rich man or poor man, black man or white – only man. For when God made man, there were lights, color and sound, happiness all around, and my dream is to bring it about again by returning light, color and sound to the consciousness of mankind. And I will work until hate be replaced with love and greed is replaced with giving.

Powerful is the man of truth and love, taking nothing and giving eternal life.