Art Estate Sales

Galerie Myrtis offers personalized divestment strategies to art collectors seeking to sell works through
art auctions or private resale. Our expertise in the local, national and international art markets allows
us to negotiate profitable sales for clients. We also offer confidential auction representation.

For more information call 410-235-3711 or at

Available artwork:

Skunder BoghossianAncient Fogs, 1975
A. “Skunder” Boghossian
Ancient Fogs, 1975
A. Skunder BoghossianUntitled, 1976
A. “Skunder” Boghossian
Untitled, 1976
Real Fly Fishing, 1997Sam Gilliam
Real Fly Fishing, 1997
Sam Gilliam
Rose Harper Art Collection
Rose Harper
Art Collection
April Shower, 2007
Joseph Holston
Yellow Cap, 1974
Joseph Holston
Lois Mailou JonesMere Du Senegal, 1985
Loïs Mailou Jones
Mere Du Senegal, 1985
Trevignon, Brittanny, 1963
Loïs Mailou Jones
Paris Le-Sair, Year Unknown
Loïs Mailou Jones
Genesis Creation, 1990
Jacob Lawrence