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Michael Gross - AbstractionMichael Gross: Abstraction
American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington, DC & Gallery B, Bethesda, Maryland

June 13 – August 8, 2015

Gross creates art as “a means of grappling with the impulses and struggles that make up the way I see my place in the world.”
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M. Scott Johnson, Headstone for Elizabeth CatlettShadow Matter: The Rhythm of Structure / Afro Futurism to Afro Surrealism
Charles H. Wright Museum, Detroit, MI 48201

January 19 – August 30, 2015

Features sculptures by New York sculptor M. Scott Johnson. Johnson transforms the ancient medium of stone into intricately carved sculptures that fuse African and African-American visual cultures.
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emergence-2014-150x150Emergence 2014: International Artists to Watch
September 14 – January 10, 2015

The voice and vision of 60 artists from Burkina Faso, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, New Zealand, Singapore, United States and Zimbabwe, will be presented in the exhibition. Artworks and short films offer a global perspective on the cultural, political and societal concerns of contemporary artists.
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Charles White, Black MessiahArt of the Collectors IV
June 29 – August 2, 2014

Art of the Collectors IV features works from private collections created by prominent African and African American artists. Included in the exhibition are paintings and sculptures by artists who played an integral role in the Harlem Renaissance, as well as those whose works informed the landscape of American art.
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Susan GoldmanThe World is Going to Hell and I am Printing Yellow!
April 6 – May 31, 2014

The World is Going to Hell and I am Printing Yellow! is the affirmation of ten women artists who hold firm to their conviction to create objects of beauty in the face of a changing world and the challenges of daily life. They seek refuge in the joy of art making; and offer the color yellow as a metaphor for exploring notions of…
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The In and OutsidersThe In and Outsiders
February 8 – March 30, 2014

“The In and Outsiders” explores formally trained artist Thomas (Tom) Miller’s (1945-2000) brightly colored “Afro-Deco” painted furniture pieces and silkscreen prints, and self-taught artists Anderson (Andy) Pigatt’s (1928-2009) evocative sculptures and Elizabeth T. Scott’s (1916-2011) richly embellished quilts.
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??Artists Lovers: Exploring the Muse
October 27 – December 15, 2013

Journey into the domain of the visual and literary arts world of creative couples. Artists Lovers: Maya Freelon Asante and M. K. Asante, Carol Beane and Michael Platt, Leslie King-Hammond and Jose Mapily
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Woman as Color Light and FormWoman as Color, Light and Form
July 18, 2013 – August 31, 2013

In challenging the notion of the feminine archetype, artists embrace and reach beyond the boundaries of the female form to express the essence of a woman, figuratively, conceptually and metaphorically.
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Child and MotherDo You Feel What I See?
May 18, 2013 – June 30, 2013

In a world where touch is forbidden, artist Calvin Coleman’s exhibition “Do You Feel What I See?” invites the blind and visually impaired to experience his paintings with their hands. Rising out of his semi-abstract style, is a tension between the rough and smooth surfaces of the paintings.
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gnosisAncient Rhythms: The Grandeur and Intimacy of Nature
February 4 – April 15, 2013

The tensions in this exhibition concern the scale between large and small and the juxtaposition between organic vs geometric. Both are clearly evident in the works of Lynda Smith-Bugge and Janet Wheeler in their spiritual explorations of nature’s ancient rhythms.
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Family DayFamily Day 2013
January 12, 2013

Family Day Drawing Activity: Children created paintings and drawings in response to the gallery’s exhibition Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe: The Contemporary Response. Artists participating in the exhibition will be on hand to assist children with their art project.
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2012Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe: The Contemporary Response
September – January 19, 2013

Eight artists influenced by works featured in the Walters Art Museums’ exhibition Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe collate modern culture to interpret the role of Africans serving as diplomats, merchants, slaves, and rulers…
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Beautiful but FlawedBeautiful But Flawed
August 11 – August 12, 2012

In this special weekend solo exhibition, Jamea Richmond-Edwards examines the complex lives of women in her family. Through paintings and drawings, this emerging artist grapples with issues faced by those she describes as “beautiful but flawed, praised but hated, and stern but fragile.”
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Art of the Collectors III
May 6 – July 15, 2012

Art of the Collectors III explores the role of the collector in preserving our visual heritage through works which connect us to our past and serve as a bridge to our future. The exhibition features important works of art by prominent African American artists as well as african art objects.
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Hidden Masters: Artists Rising Above Anonymity
October 15 – February 11, 2012

Born in Washington, D.C., in 1904, Delilah W. Pierce (1904-1992) served as an educator, artist and curator. She captured the essence of her subjects with elegance and force. This 40 year survey offers a trajectory of her work and places her in context with her peers.
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Abstraction: The Syncopation of Light, Color and Form
May 28 – September 23, 2011

Artists assert their creative voices through textured canvases rich with vibrant hues, and sculptures which free the inherent beauty of the natural stone. Drawing from their intuitions and imaginations, the artists form rhythmic patterns employing light and color to explore social issues, and the metaphysical and spiritual realm.
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Emergence: Contemporary Artists To Watch
March 2011 – May 10, 2011

Features forty artists from across the country, who are making an indelible mark on the contemporary art. The exhibition explores the renaissance of artistic expression and creativity in American art, and highlights Baltimore’s position as an up-and-coming arts scene.
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What is Your Tar Baby?
November 2010 – February 13, 2011

In this exhibition, Charly Palmer boldly asks “What is your Tar Baby?” as he appropriates African folklore to address issues of bigotry, racism and stereotypes. He examines the lives of athletes, civil rights leaders, entertainers, politicians, scholars, African and Native Americans.
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Evangeline Montgomery
October 31, 2010

In her recent body of work, the artist employs her 40-plus years of experience to demonstrate her mastery of the printmaking process. In the role of abstractionist, E.J. captures your imagination through her brilliant use of vibrant colors and rich motifs in mixed media collage, lithographs and silkscreens.
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Afruika: The Primal Source
September 18 – October 16, 2010

Elsa Gebreyesus makes her solo debut in Af.Rui.Ka: The Primal Source, a visual narrative of her experiences in and of Africa. Inspired by modern artists from Ethiopia and Eritera who incorporate Fidel, their ancient writing system; Gebreyesus interprets these symbols using her unique language, textures and themes.
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The Secret Garden: Revealing the Inner Sanctum
May 2 – July 31, 2010

The Secret Garden Revealing the Inner Sanctum is the culmination of Goldman’s three year collaboration with Elizabeth Catlett, Michael Gross, Jake Muirhead, Marti Patchell and Renee Stout in which etchings, monotypes, screen prints, and woodcuts become the conveyers of nature and personal mythology.
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Art of the Collectors 2
February – March 27, 2010

Panel Discussion: Art of the Collectors 2 featured works by prominent African and African-American artists from private collections. Collectors Panel: Robbye Apperson, Louis Ford, Dr. Acklyn Lynch, Troy Staton and appraiser Alvah T. Beander. Alvah who specializes in African, African American, African Diaspora and Aboriginal art.
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Our Common Bond: Mother, Daughter, Sister, Self
October – November 15, 2009

Our Common Bond: Mother, Daughter, Sister, Self is a compelling testament to the complex societal roles of Black women, derived from imagery of African-American women artists who are bound by their personal experiences as mothers, daughters and sisters; and the effort to maintain their self-identity.
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Parallel Evolution
April 3 – May 3, 2009

Parallel Evolution a retrospective of New York based sculptor, M. Scott Johnson (b. 1968), which chronicles his artistic vision from 2000 – 2008; using sculpture as a metaphor for his eight year journey in becoming one of the leading direct stone carvers of his generation.
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CubaCuba: The Land and its People
November 2008 – January 11, 2009

Cuba: The Island and its People is an exhibition which explores the land and traditions of a place and a people who persevere in an insular and singular existence. Featuring: Carlos Alberto Casanova, Roberto Guerra, Vance Gragg and Edgar Yero. Ana Joa, Guest Curator – Vance Gragg, Photographer

AmericanStars and Stripes: Pride or Despair
August 30 – October 10, 2008

Featuring interpretations of the American flag which address the current social and political climate. Incorporating the field of stars and stripes, artists from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds celebrate, challenge, question, and redefine ideologies of democracy and patriotism.

Ancient TraditionsAncient Traditions – Contemporary Forms
October 1 – October 31, 2004

In this exhibit, we employ the artwork of Ghanaian and African American artists to explore and prove this theory. Their paintings and sculptures become the visual language by which the stories of their cultural histories are revealed.


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