Some of My Best Friends are Black, 2014, Neon, 131 x 6 inches
Some of My Best Friends are Black, 2014, Neon, 131 x 6 inches

Larry Cook

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press-bmoreart-logoBMORE Art, July 2016
How To Visualize Blackness on a White Wall? Paint the Wall BLACK!

Race has played an important role in how I navigate within the world of art. My work primarily speaks directly to Black Americans but many of the galleries and institutions that show my work are mostly owned and patronized by Europeans. So the context surrounding my artwork is reflected in the very same industry in which I show my artwork. full article

press-city-pressCity Paper, July, 2016
Sondheim Finalists 2016: Larry Cook pokes holes in the idea of ‘post-racial’ America by Mia Capobianco

There is a distinct shift when moving through the Sondheim show into the central gallery that is currently home to Larry Cook’s work. The change in mood can be largely attributed to the change in lighting: The gallery is very dim, emphasizing the intense brightness of some pieces while shrouding others until they are nearly imperceptible. full article

Press-Baltimore-Magazine-Arts-DistrictBaltimore, Arts District, June 2016
Exhibit Of Seven Sondheim Finalists’ Work Opens At BMA

[Larry Cook, Finalist] – Every summer, the Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize recognizes a working artist in the Baltimore region with $25,000 to further their career. And every summer, in the weeks leading up to Artscape, the Baltimore Museum of Art hosts an exhibit to showcase the work of the talented finalists for the prize. full article

press-bmoreart-logoBMORE Art, June 22, 2016
The 2016 Sondheim Finalists: Photos by Cara Ober

[Larry Cook, Finalist] – It’s Sondheim season again! This is the eleventh year of the $25,000 Walter and Janet Sondheim Prize and, in many ways, the competition and exhibition of finalists has become a rote part of summer, almost taken for granted, but at the same time, it always brings an element of surprise. full article

press-city-paperWashington City Paper, 2015
D.C.’s 12 Best Gallery Shows of 2015 by Kriston Capps

By focusing on race and implicit bias in his photography and media work, [Larry] Cook is working with the themes that are on everyone’s minds. Yet his work never looks ripped from the headlines. full article

GW Today, 2014
Behind Larry Cook’s Lens by Julyssa Lopez

The photographer, M.F.A. ’12, discusses the role race and identity play in his conceptual images. full article