Lest We Forget

Artists’ Talk & Closing Reception: The exhibition presented at Galerie Myrtis, Lest We Forget examines pivotal moments and figures in US history, as well as the everyday occurrences and unknown individuals that have impacted, to various degrees, the African American experience here, and by extension, throughout the world. view the exhibition

Artists’ Talk

Moderators: Jarvis DuBois and Deirdre Darden
Talk Participants: Shaunte Gates, Amber Robles-Gordon, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Delita Martin and Wesley Clark

Closing Reception/Healing Ceremony

Facilitator: Geoffrey Edwards, LAC, Nu Healing Arts
The objective of the Healing ceremony is to provide the space and opportunity for attendees of the Lest We Forget exhibition and community at large to engage and reflect on the lives of the influential figures of both distant and recent past who have directly impacted current movements of social justice.

Nu Healing Arts use the expressive arts as a way to explore creative solutions to these issues by asking how can my community become a platform for creating the space that welcomes my transition to a healthier, abundant life? Geoffrey Edwards, LAC, Nu Healing Arts