M. Scott Johnson

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High John the Conqueror
High John the Conqueror
When shaping the stone I rely on the extremely physical process of direct carving, coupled with experimentation in natural and artificial lighting. In my most recent sculptures organic pigments are integrated to exploit symmetry and to empower their aesthetic integrity. I achieve the most visceral and focused statements through improvisation.

Improvisation allows me to snatch an image at birth, creating a balance between imposing and
communicating with the natural life force resonating from within my materials.Line, configuration, texture and title are all combined to allow the spectator to respond both consciously and subconsciously.

My series, Shadow Matter is the interdimensional reflection of matter from the physical world – the space within space. Observing shadow matter, or negative space, gives us a truer understanding of the life and death forces of all objects. I believe atavism (biocultural memory) opens up the compendium of human knowledge and guides us through negative space. It makes us aware of the harmonies and vibrations of the darkness. Understanding these mysterious syntaxes, we can shape the void and harness the creative rhythm of these alter-realities.

My visual experimentation with rhythm of structure, repetition of pattern, light management, and the abstract organic has allowed me to peer into ways in which these forces influence my unconscious mind.