Prophet in the Garden (detail), 2014, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 36" by Ronald  Jackson - Exhibited in Emergence 2014: International Artists to Watch
Prophet in the Garden (detail), 2014, Oil on Canvas, 36″ x 36″ by Ronald Jackson – Exhibited in Emergence 2014: International Artists to Watch


press-city-pressCity Paper, September 22, 2017
Paintings removed from Stephen Towns’ solo show prompt discussion on empathy and emotion

…Shortly after the exhibition [Take Me Away to the Stars] was installed on a Friday, a black employee from Goucher’s public safety department complained that these works were offensive and wanted them removed full article

Hyperallergic, September 8, 2017
Provocative Nat Turner-Inspired Portraits Fuel Debate After Their Removal

Following an employee complaint, Stephen Towns removed his paintings from his solo [Take Me Away to the Stars] show at Rosenberg Gallery. The decision has since inspired some much-needed dialogue. full article

press_icon-Baltimore SunBaltimore Sun, September 8, 2017
Galerie Myrtis exhibit focuses on ‘Black Man in a Black World’ by Tim Smith

Baltimore’s Galerie Myrtis can be counted on to showcase art that engages the intellect and emotions as deeply as the eye. That’s doubly true of its latest exhibit, “Black Man in a Black World.”full article

press_icon-Baltimore SunBaltimore Sun, July 3, 2017
A Hot Summer Exhibit at C. Grimaldis Gallery by Tim Smith

The powerful statements start right inside the doorway of the gallery’s main floor, where Wesley Clark’s “My Big Black America,” presented in cooperation with Galerie Myrtis, occupies 10-by-16 feet of wall space.full article

Nashville Arts Magazine, June 2017

In Wesley Clark’s solo exhibition he creates wonders that could be found in a fantastical library. Employing narrative devices such as foreshadowing, looking back, and mixing chronology, he casts light onto ideas shaping the past, present, and future full article

press_icon-Baltimore SunBaltimore Sun, April 25, 2017
Best of Baltimore 2017 Best gallery: Galerie Myrtis

Galerie Myrtis enriches Baltimore’s commercial art scene. Founded by Myrtis Bedolla and relocated from Washington nearly a decade ago, this establishment has given that scene extra jolts — particularly from events that showcase artists of color. full article

press-city-pressCity Paper, December 14, 2016
ESCAPE TO MIAMI: Baltimore goes to Art Basel

Galerie Myrtis – SPECTRUM ART FAIR: On the mainland, in Wynwood, Galerie Myrtis efficiently uses nearly every inch of its space, located in a breezy, visible spot near the back at Spectrum, showing work by Delita Martin, Morel Doucet, Anna U. Davis, Michael Gross, Ronald Jackson, and Jamea Richmond-Edwards. This is Myrtis’ first time at this fair – full article

press-city-pressCity Paper, September 13, 2016
Best Group Show: “Consumption: Food as Paradox” at Galerie Myrtis

Sometimes group shows give us a headache—conceptually incongruous, visually disorganized—but this one kept feeding us the more we visited. Approaching the rather open-ended idea of consumption, curator Aden Weisel brought together work by artists who use food imagery in a range of ways to tackle how food is tied into, well, everything- full article

press-city-pressCity Paper, November 2, 2016
Stephen Towns takes on myth and martyrdom in Nat Turner’s rebellion for his solo exhibition

…Dried oil paint dots wooden workbenches. Canvases in varying stages of completion cover the walls. Towns stands and stares and, after some time passes, looks away from the work, adjusts his glasses and settles onto a stool to talk about his solo show “Take Me Away to the Stars” at Galerie Myrtis, opening this Saturday. full article

press-bmoreart-logoBMORE Art, July 2016
How To Visualize Blackness on a White Wall? Paint the Wall BLACK!

Race has played an important role in how I navigate within the world of art. My work primarily speaks directly to Black Americans but many of the galleries and institutions that show my work are mostly owned and patronized by Europeans. So the context surrounding my artwork is reflected in the very same industry in which I show my artwork. full article

press-city-pressCity Paper, July, 2016
Sondheim Finalists 2016: Larry Cook pokes holes in the idea of ‘post-racial’ America by Mia Capobianco

There is a distinct shift when moving through the Sondheim show into the central gallery that is currently home to Larry Cook’s work. The change in mood can be largely attributed to the change in lighting: The gallery is very dim, emphasizing the intense brightness of some pieces while shrouding others until they are nearly imperceptible. full article

baltimore-timesBaltimore Times, June 24, 2016
New exhibit focuses on being Black in White America by Stacy M. Brown

The exhibit, “To Be Black in White America,” began simply, said Aden Weisel, the gallery director and curator for the display. “One of the artists that we represent, Larry Cook, became a semifinalist – and now he’s a finalist – for the 11th annual Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize.”full article

press_icon-Baltimore SunBaltimore Sun, June 23, 2016
Confronting race, violence through art at Galerie Myrtis by Tim Smith

That post-racial society we were all supposed to be enjoying by now remains elusive, which makes “To Be Black in White America,” opening Saturday at Galerie Myrtis, all the more powerful.full article

press-bmoreart-logoBMORE Art, June, 2016
Seeing Through the Lens of Black America by Angela Carroll

Wesley Clark, Larry Cook, Linda Day Clark, Oletha DeVane, Nehemiah Dixon III, Susan Goldman, Curlee Holton, Wayson R Jones, Jeffrey Kent, Wendel Patrick, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, and Stephen Towns each contribute critical, timeless inquiries which focalize the unsettling realities of black American experiences. full article

press-bmoreart-logoBMORE Art, June, 2016
Field Trip: Baltimore Gallery Visits by Cara Ober

According to the release, this exhibit “explores the politicization of the Black Identity in the United States. From legalized slavery to the most recent, hateful thing that Donald Trump said, a minority of Americans have been desperately and diligently fighting against a White power structure for equality throughout the nation’s relatively short history.” full article

Press-Baltimore-Magazine-Arts-DistrictBaltimore, Arts District, June 2016
Exhibit Of Seven Sondheim Finalists’ Work Opens At BMA

[Larry Cook, Finalist] – Every summer, the Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize recognizes a working artist in the Baltimore region with $25,000 to further their career. And every summer, in the weeks leading up to Artscape, the Baltimore Museum of Art hosts an exhibit to showcase the work of the talented finalists for the prize. full article

press-bmoreart-logoBMORE Art, June 22, 2016
The 2016 Sondheim Finalists: Photos by Cara Ober

[Larry Cook, Finalist] – It’s Sondheim season again! This is the eleventh year of the $25,000 Walter and Janet Sondheim Prize and, in many ways, the competition and exhibition of finalists has become a rote part of summer, almost taken for granted, but at the same time, it always brings an element of surprise. full article

press-bmoreart-logoBMORE Art, May 29, 2016
How to Make a Gift of Art by Joan Cox

…a group of about twenty-five art lovers, collectors and artists gathered for a Tea with Myrtis Art Salon. The gallery assembled an expert panel (and one long beautiful table filled with flowers, savories, sweets, and tea) for an intimate and informative talk on the topic of preserving, documenting and donating your art collection to an institution. full article

Press-Baltimore-Magazine-Arts-DistrictBaltimore, Arts District, March 2016
Baltimore Artist Wins National Portrait Gallery Competition by Gabriella Souza

Amy Sherald won the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition sponsored by the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. She is the first woman to ever win the prize, which comes with $25,000 and the opportunity to create a portrait of a living person for the museum’s permanent collection. full article

press-the_rootThe Root, March 2016
10 Female Artists of Color on the Rise by Jessica Stafford Davis

[Amy Sherald] …Most recently she won first place in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition, making her the first woman and African American to win the top prize. Her artwork will be on view at the National Portrait Gallery in D.C. until Jan. 8, 2017. full article

press-bmoreart-logoBMORE Art, March 2016
Finalists for the 2016 Janet and Walter Sondheim Prize Announced by Cara Ober

The finalists are Theo Anthony, Stephanie Barber, Darcie Book, Larry Cook, FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, Eric Kruszewski and Christos Palios. The competition awards a $25,000 fellowship to assist in furthering the career of a visual artist or visual artist collaborators living and working in the Greater Baltimore region. full article

press-city-pressCity Paper, 2015
Food as Paradox by Rebekah Kirkman

For many of us, for many reasons, food is fraught with conflict. That’s what “Consumption: Food as Paradox,” at Galerie Myrtis through April 3, aims to tease out, by way of 14 artists who approach the concepts of food and consumption from various intersecting angles of race, class, gender, and culture. full article

press-city-paperWashington City Paper, 2015
D.C.’s 12 Best Gallery Shows of 2015 by Kriston Capps

By focusing on race and implicit bias in his photography and media work, [Larry] Cook is working with the themes that are on everyone’s minds. Yet his work never looks ripped from the headlines. full article

press_icon-Baltimore SunBaltimore Sun, 2015
A Provocative, Powerful ‘Image of the Black’ by Tim Smith

…She casts a penetrating gaze at the viewer that does not let go easily, even far across the elegant, high-ceilinged front room of Galerie Myrtis. The more you look, the more those eyes impart about past, present and perception…full article

press-baltimore-style-2015Baltimore Style Magazine, 2015
Visible Man by Betsy Boyd

Black identity is reclaimed by black artists in The Image of the Black: Reimagined and Redefined, a seven-person exhibition now up and running at Galerie Myrtis. The mixed media show features gorgeously complex… full article

press-international-reviewInternational Review of African American Art, 2015
Stayin Alive

…In this show S. Ross Browne, Nina Buxenbaum, Larry Judah Cook, Ronald Jackson, T. Elliott Mansa, Delita Martin and Arvie Smith draw from the familiar and the imagined to reinscribe the notion of blackness within the context of self. full article

Bmore Art, 2015
The Black Gaze: Where Cliff Huxtable and Cookie Lyon can Coexist by Cara Ober

…Things only got more complicated for black cold brewed coffee enthusiasts this past, blustery January when Empire exploded in front of our eyes. Cookie Lyon showed up in our living rooms draped in animal skins… full article

Atlanta Blackstar, 2015
The Rhythm of Structure: Detroit Techno and Sculpting Converge by Shelby Jefferson

“Techno taught me how to organize abstraction in my mind; the repetition opens up corridors of your conscious thought,” Johnson explains. “Working with stone in Africa, you see how rhythm manifests itself physically…” full article

Viva Tysons Magazine, 2015
Two Sides of David Carlson by Keith Loria

It was back in Glasgow, Kentucky when Arlington’s own David Carlson first became interested in art on a serious level; learning from his high school teacher, Karl Weiss. “Weiss used to shake his head at my ideas… full article

Michigan Chronicle, 2015
Art exhibit by Inkster’s own M. Scott Johnson by Scott Talley

…the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History presents Shadow Matter: The Rhythm of Structure / Afro Futurism to Afro Surrealism. “Shadow Matter” features the work of renowned sculptor M. Scott Johnson… full article

City Paper, 2015
Jeffrey Kent closes SubBasement Studios by Rebekah Kirkman

In paint-splattered, brown work boots, clean black jeans, and a black Andy Warhol T-shirt (neatly tucked in), Jeffrey Kent hops down a couple of steps into the main area of the dimly lit gallery. “Watch your step, everywhere in here… full article

GW Today, 2014
Behind Larry Cook’s Lens by Julyssa Lopez

The photographer, M.F.A. ’12, discusses the role race and identity play in his conceptual images. full article

International Review of African American Art, 2013
Amy Sherald, A Second Life by Marlisa Sanders

…“Art is all I have,” she explains. “It’s what I wake up to do, I’m lost without it.” In the hospital waiting for her new heart, she drew, did research for art, and joked with the nurses about her next piece being a tin woman. Like the tin… full article

Washington Sculptors Group Newsletter, Spring 2013
Lynda Smith-Bugge by Rima Schulkind

When I suggested to Lynda that she be my next interview subject, her positive response was enthusiastic. I had at first thought her website name “Sculpture for the Soul” was a bit…hokey? But after spending some time with her… full article

Huffington Post, 2013
Black Artists: 30 Contemporary Art Makers Under 40 You Should Know

[article features artwork by Jamea Richmond-Edwards] …we’ve picked 30 young black artists who are contributing to the ongoing conversation of race and representation in contemporary art. full article

International Review of African American Art, 2013
Family Turmoil Was The Creative Spark For A Young Artist by Marlisa Sanders

When Jamea Richmond was about seven years old she and her older brother and his best friend were walking home from school, and passed a “beautiful abandoned” church. But that day, they saw something no child should ever see… full article

Gay Life Magazine, 2013
Local Artist’s New Series Critiques Anti-Marriage Equality Sentiment by Querin Brown

…The vision for Jeffrey’s most recent series, Preach!, was sparked shortly after the 2008 presidential election. Kent was inspired by stories of the African-American voting statistics for California’s Proposition 8,… full article

Juxta Positions, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), 2012
Jeffrey Kent Show Argues for Marriage Equality as a Civil Right

Solo show curated by the Exhibition Development Seminar at MICA, Baltimore-based artist Jeffrey Kent uses racially charged imagery to criticize what he sees as some of the opinions maintained within the black Christian… full article

Bmore Art, 2012
Photos from the Contemporary Response at Galerie Myrtis by Cara Ober

…eight contemporary African-American artists were asked to create a new, original work based on one of the works included in ‘Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe,’ currently on view at The Walters. full article

Urbanite Magazine, 2011
What is your Tar Baby? by Cara Ober

…Using painted portraits, layers of text, and scraps of pattern, Palmer depicts President Barack Obama, Dave Chappelle, Marilyn Monroe, and many others, in order to question the bigotry, racism, and the stereotypes that confine them. full article