Rose Harper Collection of South African Art

The Rose Harper Collection of South African Art is a survey of works created during the apartheid era (1987–1994), by black artists, who today are recognized as the preeminent artists of South Africa. Within the rich diversity of their creative expressions are references – both direct and metaphorical – to barriers and transcendence. Often referred to as propaganda or protest art, the imagery reflects the consciousness of a people. The art became the weapon of empowerment; the voice for those who were not allowed to speak without fear of prosecution.

These brilliant and powerful works of art serve as historic documentation of the black experience. Artwork created during the apartheid era is becoming increasing rare as many of the artists died young, as they were subjected to the cruelties of apartheid. So much of their art was ephemeral, but their legacy lives on. The body of work they left behind possess an emotional force and vision for equality, freedom and democracy, yet to be fully realized by the indigenous people of South Africa.

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Rose Harper
Rose Harper
The Rose Harper Collection is recognized as one of the leading, privately held collections of South African art in the United States. An art connoisseur for over thirty years, Ms. Harper has cultivated a collection of extraordinary beauty and exceptional value.

Ms. Harper is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, lecturer, adjunct professor, author, global events planner, and contributing writer to golf publications; and has received countless awards for her lifetime achievements in the field of sports and business development.