Factualism (detail), Oil paint, shellac, and wood, 37″H x 34″W, 2017 by Wesley Clark

Wesley Clark

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press_icon-Baltimore SunBaltimore Sun, September 8, 2017
Galerie Myrtis exhibit focuses on ‘Black Man in a Black World’ by Tim Smith

Baltimore’s Galerie Myrtis can be counted on to showcase art that engages the intellect and emotions as deeply as the eye. That’s doubly true of its latest exhibit, “Black Man in a Black World.”full article

press_icon-Baltimore SunBaltimore Sun, July 3, 2017
A Hot Summer Exhibit at C. Grimaldis Gallery by Tim Smith

The powerful statements start right inside the doorway of the gallery’s main floor, where Wesley Clark’s “My Big Black America,” presented in cooperation with Galerie Myrtis, occupies 10-by-16 feet of wall space.full article

Nashville Scene, June 2017

Clark’s new solo show, The Prophet’s Library, finds the artist exploring the structure and function of language and literature in the black experience in America.full article

Nashville Arts Magazine, June 2017

In Wesley Clark’s solo exhibition he creates wonders that could be found in a fantastical library. Employing narrative devices such as foreshadowing, looking back, and mixing chronology, he casts light onto ideas shaping the past, present, and future. full article

press-bmoreart-logoBMORE Art, June, 2016
Seeing Through the Lens of Black America by Angela Carroll

Wesley Clark, Larry Cook, Linda Day Clark, Oletha DeVane, Nehemiah Dixon III, Susan Goldman, Curlee Holton, Wayson R Jones, Jeffrey Kent, Wendel Patrick, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, and Stephen Towns each contribute critical, timeless inquiries which focalize the unsettling realities of black American experiences. full article